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Independent Contractor

Larry Spector

As an independent contractor, I am available to help attorneys with pleadings, dispositive motions, discovery, and any trial or post trial activity.
I can assume responsibility for working with an expert to develop expert reports and testimony or for assisting in the preparation and cross examination of an opposing expert.

I am available to independently counsel clients where the Rules of Professional Conduct require that they provide their attorney with informed consent to waivable conflicts of interest e.g., to conflicts arising from representing similarly situated co-plaintiffs or co-defendants, to issue conflicts or to conflicts from firm representation of clients with adverse interests.

I can be a neutral to decide discovery issues, to mediate or to act as an arbitrator.  I am available to act as a moot court judge for attorneys practicing oral arguments or in mock trials held to prepare for trial in the courtroom.  I can provide objective feedback on the effectiveness of a brief before it is filed.

My retention as an independent contractor will usually be by the law firm which will disclose my role to its client.  I will bill the firm, and the firm can then bill its client for my services. Alternatively I can enter a direct relationship with the client and bill the client directly.  In either case I will consider an attorney client relationship to exist between me and the firm’s client, and I will assume duties and responsibilities accordingly.  I will enter my appearance in a case as appropriate.

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